It’s all about growing your Business

Cloud Office247 focus on growing your business, improving your sales and saving you huge cost associated with buying other business software year in year out. Cloud Office247 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) is free app that brings all your business branches in one place and connects you to customers, clients and partners. We help you focus on doing business with our free secured business apps that help you scale, optimized and be more productive.

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Cloud Office 247 ERP has several futures that focus on growing your business and ease admin functions.

Save Cost

Why pay when you can get everything free! Cloud Office247 ERP is a free platform with rich enterprise based features for any business.

Unlimited Users

Get all your employee to Cloud Office without worries of incurring addition cost. Let every employee do their job professionally in the cloud.

Online Store

Cloud Office 247 ERP comes with millions of pre-build Items from different manufacturers world wide you can easily add to your online store.

Support Multiple Branch

Easily expand your business with multiple branches without any worries, all you need to do is add the new branch information to cloud office247 nothing more.


With Cloud Office247 everything is collaboration! Collaborate with fellow employees to solve customer issues and collaborate with other company's and close more deals etc.

Easy to use

Cloud Office247 is easy to use, you do not need much or any learning curves to start using it. Its has simple administrative configuration options and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete admin task.

Audit Trail

Along with user privileges and permissions grant, you have logs of user activities so you can track who did what base on date time and location.


Your data is protected by the same high-grade encryption technology (256-bit SSL) used by the world's top banks.

All Devices

Pick up transactions or communication from where you left off across devices. We have intuitive responsive web interface that goes with any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are eager to see your business in our cloud solution and benefiting from our enterprise great applications without cost. Therefore, if you have difficulties getting started or have any question that is not answered here please contact our support team we are always ready to help, send us an email and we will take it up from there

Is Cloud Office247 an ERP?

Yes, it is an ERP that handles almost everything about your business, from sales management, collaboration, Human Resources Management, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting etc.

How secured is Cloud Office 247?

We at cloud office take security seriously, for that reason we adopt best security practice to protect users from malicious attacks. Every transaction is accompanied with a token only the user can access and expire such token regularly so it becomes invalid in the hands of the attacker.

Your data is also protected by the same high-grade encryption technology (256-bit SSL) used by the world's top banks.

We seriously advice you not to share your password with anyone. Incase of account compromise contact your company administrator also our support team is always ready to help.

What do I need to start using Cloud Office 247?

  • Internet Connection from your local Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Internet enabled device such as smart phone, Laptop or Desktop.

How fast is cloud office247 ?

Cloud Office247 operates on high speed servers running SSD storage therefore its is supper fast. However if you are experiencing slow responds make sure your ISP is offering you good internet service.